Thursday, 4 October 2012

Development - Filming, Green screening and software

It's been a busy busy time indeed! Since I lasted Blogged I shot the footage needed for my short film about my utopian book. I to use my own green frabric for green screening and effects since their has been restrictions to Green screen facilities. Some of my classmates helped me a great deal to help shoot the footage and I appreciate it very much! We spent the whole day pretty much filming and had fun a long the way. 

I brought props and costume changes all will be revealed when the film is done! I also took the footage to an editing suite and got the film off of the camera, I used a tape camera so I have digital and tape copies of the film.

For the next two days and a half I spent trying to get Premiere pro working on my computer in the flat due to illness and so I could work in my own personal space. I finally got it working on the Wednesday night but then the file format was to much for my computer to play because of the HD quality and made the footage choppy. So today booked out an editing suite and spent most of the day editing my film together and adding the Green Screen effects. I have never did Green screen effects before or use much of Final Cut Pro or Macs so I must say its been quite challenging but a learning experience.

I have watched some tutorials that have helped a lot with getting the effects needed. Been using and experimenting with the Chroma Key but I'm a novice but its been interesting.

I dont know its so bizarre looking seeing myself in my own drawings ha ha! Wanted to get the feel of the book and keep that sort of illustration quality and represent the general view of different genres in literature. 
I have my doubts about how I've created this project and the effects I've used. Suspose still learning the software, cameras, effects and how demanding video editing can be.

The next step is to create the sound for the final piece, collected quite a lot of free sound clips from youtube and as well creating my own sounds. Will be working on this next as well as continuing to work on sketchbooks and somemore blog posts before the crit.

I made a list to help keep track of things a bit.

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