Sunday, 30 September 2012

Research/Development- Inspiration for book imagery and storyboard

I wanted to have some inspiration for my storyboard and how I want to film my book piece. Could'nt help but look back to my childhood with the film The Pagemaster for ideas for the realms and the heavy themes of stories and books.

You don't have to listen to the music ha ha but it has some clips of things coming out of books and interacting with the reader. I have decided to choose three different versions of genres including Fairytale, Adventure story and Horror.

Been doing more work on sketchbooks as well as planning and looking into ways of doing the project and how to go about creating the final piece digitally. For this I have been looking into different inspirations as well looking into different techniques and software to create the digital ideas. I'm going to try to create my idea using the technique of Green Screening and film. It's something I'm not very familiar with but I would like to explore it and see where I can go with it.

This is an image I created in photoshop from the pages I experimented with from books I collected and cut apart. It's a digital representation of how I imaged the book to look like with door ways through the pages.

This is my small version of the book that will be used in the final piece as a stop motion piece of it opening and experimenting with green screen. I had to go get my own green fabric due to difficulities getting space or availability of any Green Screen rooms. Going to be experiment with the medium with footage and some stop motion with the editing software.

I wish to do overlays with different materials and objects to create more atmosphere with each different parts of the worlds in which I have choosen to represent different types of stories. I have been sketching out different parts of the world and experiementing with paint mostly watercolor for these pieces and other overlays I want to do.

I watched a dvd about different painting techniques while I worked on sketchbooks and my storyboard.

I have booked out camera equipment and facilties for tomorrow to begin filming and to start editing my film and I'll be using my storyboard as a rough guide.
Lets hope it all goes well.

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