Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Research - Types of projection installation art and methods

After looking into and discussing different methods of how to go about creating my utopia's theme of books and story telling, I have been looking into different medias and ways of presenting it. Because of time constraints and maybe even for more practical reasons been looking into making a digital form of my book instead of a pyhsical one. For this been researching different installation art and pieces relating to the art form of projections. Maybe at a later date or for another project in the future to be able to create a bigger pyhsical piece maybe more possible.

Been trying to find pieces of projection art that may have the themes of books, words, storytelling, and interaction with a figure or the audience.

Found this youtube channel that has some little experiements with projections and traditional materials such as paper, stencils, books and textures.

Found this example of a projection interacting with a pyhsical object and interacting with it.
By Andrew Huang

Through research discovered a book that has examples of different artists and installations will see if I can get a copy should come in handy.

This is a installation piece called the Dystopia files which I felt would greatly relate to my project.
I plan to have the theme of a door to enter the book and to represent passage into the utopia of a book and story telling.
This installation piece is by a artist called Mark Tribe.
He has also done work with green screens which will become useful later.

I found some of these images with projections displayed on a human form which I would like to experiment with. It's been tricky trying to find information on these images but I think the artist is Tina Logan if I find any more about her I'll update.

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