Friday, 14 September 2012

Research - My own personal views of what Utopia is and ideas

Utopia and the Everyday

Utopia – “Good place”
“Describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean. The term has been used to describe both intentional communities that attempt to create an ideal society, and fictional societies portrayed in literature. It has spawned other concepts, most prominently dystopia.”

Makes me personally think of an ideal place or world for ourselves whether it is real or in our minds because it can be ours or for a society that appeals to us
Could be a place where we feel content and comfortable or even places we don’t feel welcome or negative towards. It may be a place where we have visited or see every day or a place we imagine every day. It may even be something we want to change or experience about something we experience or see.
For me Utopia makes me think of places and experiences that made me happy either when it was a period of time or even a moment.
So I started looking at themes that appeal to me and that interest me as an artist and hobbies in the last recent years.

*Nature and the natural world and the contrast of urban environments – Ideas of change, landscapes, growth, animals, plants, insects, natural materials, textures, sounds, light, natural and electrical, architecture, motion, cityscape, contrast.
split screen of photography and video clips with audio corresponding to what is being shown. Contrast would be that of a wood land/natural environment and a city/street. Lake District holiday images of my time there and natural areas in Dundee. Urban images with video and audio relating or are similar to the natural images.

*Fiction in Literature – Books, stories, fairytales, nostalgia, lessons, stories that start in reality but take us somewhere else, Alice in wonderland, Peter pan, Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia, engrossed, symbolism, Words, universal, storytelling.
Taking stories and characters from existing works or from stories I’ve created and turning them into a video/audio/installation piece.
One idea was to create a giant open book which the viewer or spectator could interact with that had doors/spaces for them to walk through. There could be words/images on each page for them to see/read and is possible to listen to sound in each space between the pages.

*Doing a type of video montage/clips of everyday simple events and ideas that I personally enjoy or make me feel positive. My own personal utopia of subjects that can make me happy or personal matters that I can document. Themes such as hopes and fears and thoughts about the present/past/future.
Idea –
Doing a short film/clips with still photography with audio over commentary of examples of personal utopia. Experiences and memories that impacted on me in one form or another to be. To make a connection with the viewer and maybe provoke emotion or reaction from what is displayed.
For example it could be experiences I’ve had with my family or times when I felt helpless from then till now. That making the work about such subjects is therapeutic and helps us cope with everyday issues or helps us grow. How I personally like to show parts of myself and feelings through my art and rather than explain why/how/what/where I am. To make something that is normal/average/ugly into something inspiring and positive either for me or maybe the viewer.

I will be documenting the research and development on this blog and in sketchbooks as well as posting up my work for it a long the way.

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