Monday, 17 September 2012

Research - Explaining one of my ideas and its themes

*Fiction in Literature – Books, stories, fairytales, nostalgia, lessons, stories that start in reality but take us somewhere else, Alice in wonderland, Peter pan, Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia, engrossed, symbolism, Words, universal, storytelling.

Taking stories and characters from existing works or from stories I’ve created and turning them into a video/audio/installation piece.

One idea was to create a giant open book which the viewer or spectator could interact with that had doors/spaces for them to walk through. There could be words/images on each page for them to see/read and is possible to listen to sound in each space between the pages. 

Been looking at different artists that inspire me or relate to the themes or my idea of the book. As well as examples of different kinds of literature that has the themes of other worldly utopias but also artists that has the themes and Medias of books and story telling. As a way of looking at different ways of how this concept of literature and stories are other utopias for people. How we get in engrossed in books and get sucked into these other worlds that we can see, hear and sometimes feel and how they can provoke our emotions and senses. Find it quite extraordinary that our minds and imaginations are so strong to create the unbelievable and making it believable or a form of reality.

By this idea of creating this book or concept would allow me to be able to create a piece that's a pyhsical form of this. And would include all our senses or be able to let us make up our own stories or minds up about what we what to feel and see.

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