Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Development - Printer/scanner and experimenting with material

After doing various research on artists, book art, medias, and different ways to present this utopia project I have began to start creating.

I was able to aquire a printer/scanner so I could experiment with different materials tradtionally and digitally outside of class time and to bring things to work on in class and also update my sketchbooks.

I also looked back into some older personal projects for inspiration. This was a sketchbook I have started to explore the different themes within my own personal work. I liked this page for inspiration since it ties in with the themes of books and story telling as well as my own influences.

I have started to cut up and rip apart some books and experiment with pages, words and materials. This was a stange experience ripping apart a book but it gave me a greater feel of the materials and ideas.

I scanned the pages in and placed them in different orders to make some textures and experiment with them digitally. Will be using them for futher experiments and images for more development work and maybe for images for the final piece.

I also covered one of the books in ripped up pages and stuck on with PVA glue to see how it would turn out and how well the pages can stick and how durable it was.

This is bascially a mini version of the idea I wanted to create in a full scale sized installation without all the props and such inbetween the pages. I'll try to experiment with media and more books and different cutting methods for the covers and pages to create different effects. I want to be able to have a door on the front of the book as a entrance to the literature Utopia taking that theme of the everyday thing such as a door. Example of this would be how to get to the world of 'Narnia' its protrayed its entrance is that of a wardrobe.

Heres a tiny door.

I'll start working on more digitial images and materials and enquiring into workshops and resources by tomorrow or this week hopefully.
See you inside the book?! 


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